Your attachment style is one of the most important pieces of self-knowledge and understanding

It is now known that our childhood experiences can really affect how we view ourselves and the world around us. This course explores how your upbringing contributed to to how you show up in relationships.

Don't even try to engage in relationships before you truly understand your attachment history and style. Yes, it's that important. Already in a relationship? Hurry up and take this course to improve your love life!

About the Course

  • This course was created to help you understand yourself and how you relate to others, especially your romantic partners.

  • The course is self-paced and organized into easy-to-digest modules.

  • You will learn everything you need to know about why you behave the way you do in relationships.

  • You will discover practical, tried-and-true tips on how to change your style from insecure to secure.
Overview of Attachment

Find out what attachment is and why it's important to all humans, including you. Knowledge is power!

The Four Attachment Styles

Discover the four styles and find out which one is yours. Self-awareness is the first step towards change!

Changing Your Style

Watch your relationships blossom as you learn how to make your style healthier and more secure. Grab the course now!

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About the Author

My name is Anna, I'm a psychotherapist, and I am really, really excited for you to be here. Why, you ask? Because I want you to have a deep, satisfying relationship with yourself and others.

I created this course for people just like you, those who are curious about who they are and how they ended up being that way. Those who want to know more.

I own a private practice in Broomfield, Colorado, USA, and I'm committed to giving you an experience of discovering your authentic self.

In my free time, I overwater my plants and spoil my dog, Jake. You can find us napping together on a lazy afternoon when I am not busy creating courses!